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Welcome to  Mind Movies Matrix Review, the QUIZ, Webinar and tutorial

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Q-U-I-Z (Ready for more wealth & success?) Let’s see!


If you could press a button on this time machine…

Travel back to your childhood…

And gain a deeper understanding of the experiences and
influences that made you who you are today…

[Would you press the button?]

And what if doing this could show you…

Exactly how your childhood experiences are controlling
your career and finances in the present day?

mind movies

Would you press the button? So that you could be RELEASED of your current problems?

Well, time machines don’t exist yet.

[But this 30-second quiz is as close as it gets.]

Take it now and discover the Negative Childhood Imprints
that are quietly holding back your ability to achieve and
earn at your highest potential:

[Press the button, take the quiz.]


My name is Hans, this is me and my girlfriend in Napa Valley, recently… more or less happy and succesful…

mind movies matrix

as an entrepreneur I was confused for years past as to what was holding back my wealth….

I had fears deep rooted in my childhood that were haunting at a subconcious level and I lost sleep…

Mind movies matrix reviews

This was until I was able to let go of my fears, let go of my anxiety, take smart risk and just GO FOR IT!


[Press the button, take the quiz.]



OK….let’s Review:

What is Behind Mind Movies Matrix

Everyone’s biggest obstacles lay within them. Whether your goals are health, romance or career success in order to obtain the outside objective you must align yourself to those frequencies.

Not just consciously but you must also be aligned subconsciously and that is the hard part. Your conscious mind has limited effect on the subconscious.

Building on Napoleon Hill’s 13 success principles, Mind Movies Matrix is a series of short visualizations and subconscious reprogramming that helps you see your dream future as if it was a reality today with a multi- leveled approach.

Who are the founders?

Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich” is still highly relevant today. Natalie Ledwell once had all the problems that she describes solving with her program. With help from developers, scientist and her business partner Glen, Natalie is the face and co-founder of a life time of opportunity.

Who’s it for?

You and anyone else with a goal that they just can’t seem to reach. The tired, the poor and the ambitious of the world who are willing to look for something better, easier and more fulfilling than the 9-5 in a cubicle making life work for somebody else.

Mind movies matrix is for everyone who wants to make a change whether you are fed up with the drudgery of your daily routine or just hunger for a better way to live.

What I think in this Mind Movies Matrix review

Products like the Mind Movies Matrix are most dependent on the participant. If you come into this program with diligence and an open mind success is sure to come to you sooner rather than later.

GO confidently, even if you don’t feel the changes right away, into the next day to see opportunities and you will find yourself surprising you. And you can go about your day knowing that you are you own success story in the making. The value included with this product is mind blowing and life transforming.

Mind Movies Matrix Bonuses included

– Mind Mastery World Summit Seminar Recordings- Listen and watch 11 DVD’s worth of mind transforming informational content from leaders in their fields; like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle and many, many more.

– Sleep Meditation Audio- Help integrate all the new information and structure with this right before bed audio clip that will heavily accelerate your ability to


  • Results in just 3-6 minutes a day
  • All the roadwork has been laid, as long as you walk results should come easily
  • Program touches on the major aspects of life we seek to improve
  • Built in support for the whole system
  • Payment plan option
  • Full working system


  • Limited scope of impact with no breakdown of specific goals, limited customization
  • Priced higher than competitors in the intellectual market

What you get

– 4 Pre-Made Matrix Mind Movies touching on the most important aspects of your life where you are likely experiencing more resistance than you can overcome alone: Relationships, Money, Weight-loss and Perfect Partner.

– 4 Pre-Made Subliminal Success Mind Movies that absorb straight into the subconscious, by passing your overthinking conscious mind that complicates the process.

– 4 Subliminal Success Audios put yourself on the fast track to success while doing virtually anything else with subliminal audios.

-2 Amazing bonus gifts for free the Mind Mastery summit recordings and sleep meditation audio to help your brain assimilate everything seamlessly.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.14.35 PM



30-second quiz reveals how your childhood controls your career & finances
Eye-opening information on your childhood



you take that quiz yet?

A thousand light bulbs lit up in my head when [this
eye-opening test] brought me face-to-face with my past.

More specifically, the parts of my childhood that, as it
turns out, have been quietly blocking my ability to earn,
achieve and grow at my highest potential.

mind movies


It’s kinda funny, you know?

I’ve invested years of my life into growing myself,
untangling my inner knots, and mastering my habits
and emotions…

Only to realize, through a few simple questions, that
some of my biggest blocks come from seemingly
insignificant conversations with my parents…

A one-off encounter with the schoolyard bully in
fourth grade…

And even something I heard my favorite actor say
on TV…

How does this happen?

Because in your childhood, your mind is like a
super-absorbent sponge…

mind movies

Soaking up every word, every lesson and every
experience, in the deepest corners of your subconscious.

Then, all this information forms an IMPRINT in your

Which permanently controls your thoughts, emotions
and beliefs without you even realizing it.

Dare you come face-to-face with the childhood imprints
holding back your career, finances and life?

[Try the test – it only takes 30 seconds.]

The first step to clearing the subconscious land
mines in your head is to know exactly where they are,
and what caused them.

That’s what you’ll find out through this [fascinating test]…



if you

…..start the program today you can get the 199 dollar course for FREE….Just sign up below or email me at hkgoldstein atgmail.com and put BONUS in the subject.

Screenshot 2016-03-25 at 10.27.16 PM



Mind Movies Matrix

How many times have you read on how to be successful? At one point you are very inspired and after sometime you forget the routine and go back your 4 walls of not being capable?

Wouldn’t you want to break through the self limiting subconscious beliefs?

I know I have. So how do we deal with it?

mind movies

Do we read these books over and over again, or do we join the innovative era and use the mind movie matrix?

Why  mind movie matrix?

The experts says:” it is a revolutionary technology that imprints years of success programming into your mind in just 6 minutes a day”….

rewiring the dysfunction in your mind and subconcious…..that is holding you back….


mind movies

I say; it is a beginning of an era where self-confidence is in abundance. It is an automation of all those books that usually outline how to be successful.

It is subconscious programming technology that has taken its time and studied our brain to figure out about the subconscious and how to explore its potential in terms of wavelength.

mind movies matrix

There are 4 main wavelength, and each of the wavelength has defined function on the brain. These wavelengths manipulate the brain in form of audio frequencies, images, subliminal messages and affirmations

Why listen to the founders?

The founders are: an awesome Aussie lady known as Natalie Ledwell. She talks about her inspiration and how she was a go getter, but a time came when her business partner and her were stuck and their job was just a loss.

mind movies

She discovered that she needed to change and get it right.

This is how a friend gave her a technique on visualization and from there she got a great idea.

She realized that many people are stuck not because they are not capable in life but because of the walls they have built around themselves, walls of limit.

mind movies matrix

We always say we are what we believe in and the minute we forget who we are, the world also forget who we are.

Such a tragic thing!


She founded with Morry Zelcovitch who is a specialist in brainwave entrainment and subliminal programming. This intelligent man has taken his time to study the brain and come up with a theory of brain entrainment.

He is a certified brain entrainment engineer in the world. This guarantees quality in this program

What does it include?

It comes with 4 mind movies for the major areas most people are drowning in:

relationships, money, weight loss and the perfect partner.

It also comes with subliminal success mind movies and audio that still deal with the main factors stated above. It includes a sleep meditation audio for listening to when you at rest.

mind movies matrix

Who is it meant for?

It is for everyone.

Because no one in life has not been in a situation where they weren’t stuck and needed to look at life in another perspective.

We all want to experience a better of version of us, but our brains give us deception and doubt to make us feel inferior.

It is for everyone who at one time wanted to be the kings and queens but we settled for less because our subconscious denied us from ever visualizing it. It is mainly for those who wants to make more money, make their relationship work.

It is for those who are looking for the right partner regardless of a business partner or a lifetime partner.

mind movies

This program is meant for those who want to lose weight and it has been a difficult and incapable task.

mind movies matrix

Review on Mind Movies Matrix

It is the best especially for those who lose focus and interest quickly. They self-doubt easily.

It works with different parts of your brain, for example visual and listening part of the brain to cancel out the depression and create a positive and proactive sense in your actions….

mind movies matrix

The audio keeps you motivated all through, in fact you get more work done when listening to it. The beauty about it, is it comes with 60 day guarantee with full refund, this is an assurance to those who doubts if it is a scam.

The great aspect of this program is how it has set its audio in a loop manner, thus you can listen for an extended period. It is much updated and has a brainwave entertainment that manipulates your brain using wavelengths overnight.

What is the added bonus?

The audio includes one of the best speaker who are best known for inspiration such as Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and T Hav Eker.

It has a FAQ section where it has common questions being answered very comprehensive and into detail explaining on how this program works. It has audios and video on seminars latest and earlier ones.

One of its con is that it’s not easy to listen to the motivating audio if you have nothing to do. Because you will be motivated for no reasons. But if you think about it, is it really a con?

Those days of feeling helpless are way gone. Every day is a new day to own your life. Thanks to mind movie matrix. Carpe Diem!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.14.35 PM


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Mind Movies matrix reviews

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